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Stars’ cars

Celebrities are people who make other people’s wishes come true. Their star-spangled lives serve as collective surrogates, displayed on various screens, billboards, TV-shows and magazine covers. Apart from being extremely successful (or forcefully promoted) at what they do for a living, they are also models and idols to millions of people. The social role celebrities have does not necessarily have to be something negative. People just like hearing and seeing new stuff about their beloved actors, athletes or musicians to keep dreaming that one day their lives will be same like their idols’ ones.

Flee from paparazzi

In a movie called La Dolce Vita (“the sweet life”), by Federico Fellini, filmed in 1960, the protagonist is a newspaper journalist named only Marcello (the same as Marcello Mastroianni, the actor who acts him) leads us through the glamorous and bittersweet life celebrities usually have and their ostentatious showing off- behavior. He often drives the 1958 Triumph TR3A, on his night drives around Rome, indulging in petty drinking and one-night acquaintances, in search for a new load of gossip and sensations for his celebrity-chinwagging newspaper. In addition to the one of the most famous and referred to scenes in the history of film, that being Anita Ekberg taking a bath in the Trevi Fountain, La Dolce Vita also gave the world one of the most infamous words: paparazzo.

Triumph TR3A 2 Flee from paparazzi Stars cars

On his journalist quests, Marcello is followed by a fellow photo reporter named Paparazzo. After that movie, the word paparazzo entered the newspaper vocabulary, depicting a journalist who stalks and follows famous people in order to gather delicate and spicy photos of them, most often used as a derogatory term. Being a paparazzo is a lucrative profession, due to the money and good connections they have in the world of entertainment and show business.

God-like celebrities

Celebrities have always intrigued “ordinary” people. We all like finding put trivia about our favorite movie, sports or music star and be informed about the newest mischief he or she has done. Famous people glitter and shine and most of them annually earn more money than their fans could collect even if they are all put in the same stadium and try to overwealth their idol(s). Being so, stars are most common choice to advertise a product or a manufacturer. There is not such a good commercial as one having a celebrity as a protagonist. Many manufacturers use celebrities to become more recognizable to their target audience. And when a celebrity drives a car you have produced, there could not be a better commercial for such a producer. Ford, for example, made a series of commercials for the F-150 model with Denis Leary’s (the star of Rescue Me) voice over and the reactions from the  audience were great.

Denis Leary’s Ford F-150 commercial

So this weekend Neotrucks blog has prepared a star-car overview. Let us take on a tour through the cars celebrities drive, either as a means of protection of paparazzi or a commercial trick by car manufacturers. Of course, there is another reason why a famous person would drive a particular car – out of pure joy. We focused on SUVs and pickups in search for stars’ cars and a little bit on our favorites when it comes to celebrities.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese in person Stars cars

Reese Witherspoon deserved the first place on this list thanks to her remarkable performance as Johnny Cash’s wife in 2005 movie Walk the Line. For that role, where she showed the world the full range of her acting and singing abilities, this tiny actress got an Academy Award. When it comes to her driving habits, Reese indulges in GMC Yukon Hybrid. This SUV’s fuel economy with 21 mpg is not the most important feature for this 15-to-20-million-dollar-per-role star, but the fact that she has children probably favors the choice of such a massive vehicle. The Yukon also offers a great towing capacity, being able to tow more than 6,000 pounds. Reese definitely made a good, environment-friendly choice when she opted for this vehicle.

GMC Yukon Hybrid Reese Witherspoon Stars cars

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood in person Stars cars

Reese got advantage over Clint only because she is a lady. Of course the first place here was reserved for Clint Eastwood. Explaining why he deserved it would take the whole text (and blog), so let us take a look at what Dirty Harry drives. Although Clint is a classical guy and his most notable roles originate from the 1960s and 1970s, when Hollywood was still a noteworthy place on the map if the global film industry, he did not take a car from that period, but from 1990s, when he started his (praiseworthy) directing career.

92gmc17059 A Stars cars

Eastwood’s main vehicle is a 1992 GMC Typhoon. It was produced only for two years (1992 and 1993), but General Motors took good care of it, having it equipped with a 4.3-liter engine with turbo injection and an all-wheel drive.

The Typhoon is one of the fastest SUVs on the market and we hope Clint will use it for many years, while making more legendary movies.

John Goodman

Although John Goodman might not be the first movie star that crosses your mind when you think about celebrities, this actor acted in The Big Lebowsky, one of the cult movies of the ‘90s. Apart from that, he acted in many other Ethan and Joel Coen’s movies. Just wait to read what he drives. Goodman’s pickup choice is a 1997 Ford F-150, one of the most john-doeish trucks. Goodman had his sparkling moments, being embellished with an Emmy and a Golden Globe (for starring Roseanne Barr’s husband in TV-show Roseanne), but he stayed a down-to-earth man, which is proved with this driving choice of his. It is interesting that Shia La Beouf’s favorite car is also the F-150. Sorry, Shia, but you still have to prove that you are that good (a) man and actor as John is.

1997 F 150 truck Stars cars

Colin Farrell

Colin Farell 2 Stars carsThis Irish actor, who has had many first-class roles (just remember Minority Report, with Tom Cruise) and who is well-known for his womanizing escapades, drives a good old Ford Bronco. Given that all the previously mentioned facts about him tend to make us conclude he would opt for something more opulent and playboyish, he strongly destereotyped us and proved to be a really cool guy.

The first Ford Bronco was made in 1966, as one of the first SUVs ever, and it has undergone many changes since then. The major changes in the body, the engine and the design were made in 1987, while a couple of additional alterations were made in 1992.

Bronco still remains one of the coolest models Ford has ever made, having most devoted fans.

800px 1990 Ford Bronco Colin Farrell Stars cars

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis 2 Stars carsMany readers of this article will be surprised to see that Bruce Willis is placed after Colin Farrell. While the celebrities on the list are chosen on the basis of some personal preferences, that is not the thing with their order. Bruce Willis, who starred in comedies, action movies, thrillers, dramas and SF movies, drives a Cadillac Escalade, which is one of the most suitable star-car relationships we have in this text.

This SUV is a hungry and thirsty beast that must be well looked after and appropriately tamed. The Escalade is a luxurious and demanding vehicle, but who could treat in better than John McClane. An updated version of this model has been announced for 2013, with a 6.2 liter 403 HP V8 engine, a rear-view camera, heated and cooled front seats, depending on the weather conditions outside, and many other cutting-edge features, which can be checked on the Cadillac’s site. Although this vehicle might not be in accordion with new Hollywood fuel-economy friendly standards, but it does give an air of the pre-1973- Arab–Israeli-War world and Hollywood, before the 1973 Oil Crisis and artificial aspects of political correctness sterilized both everyday life and Hollywood.

800px Cadillac Escalade 2m Bruce Willis Stars cars

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Stars carsThe director of this year’s Oscar winner in the best motion picture category, Argo, uses Dodge Ram, which has been called just Ram since 2010. Affleck made his breakthrough in 1997, starring in Good Will Hunting, which he and Matt Damon write together. Since then, he has been delighting and disappointing the audience, making on that route fans and haters. However divided opinions about him and his acting and directing talent might be, the Ram is a mainstream, middle-of-the-road choice.

The Chrysler Group LLC has been producing the Dodge Ram since 1981, with several major redesigns and changes, the largest being changing the name only to Ram. The name Ram was derived from an ornament of a real ram (a male of a sheep), which was first put on a Dodge hood in 1993. Both Affleck and Ram got awards in 2013, since the Ram 1500 was awarded Motor Trend Magazine’s Heavy Duty Award. And who can say that it is not important what vehicle you drive.

800px Dodge Ram 1500 Affleck Stars cars

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron in person Stars carsCharlize Theron, who is often named one of the most beautiful actresses in the world, drives a Range Rover. Theron and her abovementioned colleague, Ben Affleck, starred in a 2000 action drama Reindeer Games. Although the movie was not a large success, it kind of paved two roads to Oscar. Theron got her Oscar in 2003, for the best actress, for the movie Monster.

Theron’s Range Rover is manufactured by British Land Rover Company, a branch of Tata Motors Jaguar Land Rover Company. We are witnessing the fourth generation of the Range Rover. The first generation of this model started being produced in 1970. For this year the fourth generation of the model has been launched and the 2013 Range Rover has improvements in fuel economy, CO2 emission and the powertrain performance, since the engine is now smaller, but has better features and emits less CO2.

We hope that the Range Rover will drive Charlize upon the road of further outstanding performances and new awards.

787px Range Rover Theron 3 Stars cars

Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery, as the first James Bond and one of the most popular actors in the last fifty years, drives a Land Rover Defender. Knowing that Connery is the biggest supporter of Scotland’s independence from Great Britain, it does sound odd that his driving pet is a British-made vehicle. The Defender is a four-wheel drive system vehicle which originates from the Land Rover Series, launched in 1948. It is one of the best off-road vehicles in the world, since it is easily handled if broken down. This car is perfect for Sir Connery when he wants to explore the wild and untouched Scottish wilderness.

Land Rover Defender Connery 2 Stars cars

What you drive is what you are. Personality is revealed by the model of the vehicle you drive. If you want to take a peep into someone’s character, just look at that person’s automobile. Your car is your star and stars know that best.