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What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?

With constant and heated discussions on our facebook page about which pickup truck is the best on the market, someone reading from the side would be none the wiser about this important subject. It seams that fans are ready to defend their picks, claiming that every aspect of that truck is superior compared to all others, even in cases when that is not even close to reality!

The truth is that every entry from either automotive manufacturer has it’s own pros and cons and it really depends on what you, dear reader, need it for. You should analyze what characteristics of a truck are important to you and what things are you willing to sacrifice and only that way you can come up with the best solution as ultimate truck, and we are sure, does not exists. Yet.

2011 nissan pro4x 08 What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?

Buying a pickup truck isn’t easy even when you have decided what brand and model you want to buy. For each truck there are numerous configurations: bed and cab sizes, different engines, transmission choices and so on. Things get complicated really fast and we really can’t blame anyone for scratching their head.

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That’s why we created few articles that go over various aspects worth thinking about during selection of a pickup truck, or rather, we tried answering important questions someone might ask themselves while looking to buy pickup truck. We mention few models that have the best fuel economy, we pointed out what pickups are stars in various roles you might put this beauties in.

So now our focus is on the best value, topic that is similar to the article we created for SUVs. This category does sound like “overall rating“ of a pickup truck, but in fact it only represents which models can give you the best qualities for selected price, perfectly balancing between these two factors. Some other vehicles without doubt  will provide better characteristics, but they will also cost much more than some of the trucks we mentioned in this article. So, let’s take a look!

Ford Ranger

1st Ford Ranger 300x203 What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?We are aware that this might sound contradictory to you. “One of the best valued trucks is Ford Ranger that was discontinued almost two years ago? Get out of here!“ Still, this is one of the better choices you could make when looking for a truck. That is, if you want to use it only for work and it’s stripped design won’t bother you all that much.

This is a compact truck, and its characteristics aren’t that impressive, but it will do everything you command him to do. It’s very basic, without any unnecessary options, but at the same time very durable and reliable. It can “survive“ even those people not taking much care about it. All of that makes it perfect for companies or small business owner who will appreciate its very affordable price. It can be bought for so little that it won’t really bother you too much when one day it becomes obvious that it ready for the junkyard. Though, the most of them will probably serve you well long before that moment.

2011 Ford Ranger XLT   NHTSA What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?

We mentioned it was discontinued, decision which Ford made in the mid of 2011. The company claimed that Ranger is too close to their then current version of F-150, but soon after that they released the statement that mentioned declining sales as the main reason.  Oddly enough, this decision was made only for North American market, while Ranger is still produced internationally, only under different names (Ranger T6 or as BT-50, produced under Mazda brand).

Toyota Tacoma

H8E8413 300x200 What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?Tacoma is the smaller of the two trucks that are produced on Toyota’s assembly lines, but it is a better choice for its price. Many people agree with us on this matter, since Tacoma is one of the most popular trucks in the United States.

It is considered a better choice because of its capabilities, but even more because of its features. It has impressive performances both on and off the road, while at the same time provides great comfortable ride in well stylised truck. Even though it is constructed as compromise between a car and pickup truck, it is also great for real work. Though if want more muscle under the hood, some critics claim that 4.0 liter V6 is the perfect choice for such needs, since with theses option it has towing power worth mentioning.

tacoma.2011.presskit What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?

Many people opt for Tacoma because of the great resale value, since it holds on the great price on the used car market, giving more freedom to the buyers to change their minds. Even though Toyota’s got infamous for their recalls (rust caused dangerous damages to the pickups that threatened safety), they really are built with great care and offer good quality more often than not. Even Forbes suggested Toyota Tacoma to their reader, so why would we complain?

Nissan Frontier

MY10Frontier 008 What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?If you like Ford Ranger’s features but aren’t keen on buying truck that isn’t produced nowadays (some people will do everything to avoid these models, and it is understandable), your next best choice would definitely be Nissan Frontier.  This trucks bravely took the turf that once Ford gunned with the Ranger.

But compared to the Ford’s truck, Frontier is a step up in every aspect. It is bigger than Ranger, its interior looks better and can be used comfortably for casual drive, and there is even model with the crew cab, if that is something your company will need. It has slightly better engine, but not enough for Frontier to confidently tackle, well, wild frontiers. Of course, there are models with better V6 engines and overall characteristics, but they will also cost more.

2012Frontier 119 What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?

Without it, in its standard package, Frontier is still an amazing option for city and ranch needs. Fleet owners will appreciate its low price and great fuel economy, but in the end they will pay a little more than what they would have if they chose Ranger. It is none the less pretty good deal, if you ask us.

Ford F-350 Super Duty

If your daily job demands power hungry truck, this is the ultimate choice. It is so good that made us mention Ford again in this article. Even though price of this Ford’s model is way higher compared to the Ranger or, for that matter, other vehicles in this article, for that sum of green you won’t find a truck that will offer you more power.

ford f350 super duty 2011 hd 9 What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?

F-Series trucks are popular well enough, so that we don’t need to advertise them here, but we have to praise F-350 Super Duty anyway. Highlight of this model is its 6.7-liter diesel V8 engine, which, as you can imagine is absolutely everything you will ever need from a pickup truck. 400 horsepower engine is nothing that should be considered lightly, but F-350 Super duty offers great many other qualities like impressive design of the interior and overall finishing production, that will make your job much more pleasant.

F-350 Super Duty for its price offer a lot more, but at the same time it might be in its own category without real competition.

Dodge Ram 1500

13 ram1500 pv large exterior badge What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?Another full-size pickup that managed to sneak to our list is Dodge Ram. This car manufacturer is the member of “The Big Three“ (Chevrolet and Ford are the other two),  automotive giants that are responsible for the most of the American market, and Ram is as important in the category of the pickup trucks.

For its price you will get incredible 4.7-liter V8 engine, so you can already imagine what this Ram is capable of tackling. If you are looking to buy it for work than this won’t be a wrong choice as it packs a lot of power (but there is even more powerful HEMI option). Ram also offers great durability, but many critics mentioned great handling and we tend to agree with them.

Dodge Ram also looks great. We are not saying other trucks are bad, but Ram simply has something that’s giving it an edge in this field. So far, we have seen some great examples of good customisation making this work beast attractive ride and great for cruising. Of course, we are not sure that we would use so much power on grocery shopping (price of a gallon simply does not justify it), but it is great to see looks of the people passing by that expect some clunker parked on the farm.

13 ram1500 pv large functional aerodynamics What are the top 5 bang for the buck pickup trucks?

We don’t know everything! We are sure that we managed to miss out on some other pickup truck that offers great value, but we don’t know which one! If you do please let us know in the comments! If you read the article and you agree with either of our choices SHARE, PIN and LIKE this article! Thanks for following NeoTrucks Blog!