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This week’s special – videos of truck crashes!

I am gonna guess and assume that we are all here because we love trucks! Small, medium sized, big or even those really large dumpers. There are really few better things than driving in your favorite vehicle, conquering roads and overcoming difficult challenges, that no ordinary car could tackle! It maybe sounds weird, but I am sure the most of you would agree.

Taking a break from our more in depth articles (have you read those already? If not check our main page for some interesting articles) we decided to show you how it looks when things turns for worse. Of course, no one on this planet is perfect, and sometimes even us at Neotrucks make stupid mistake, but these drivers deserve a some kind of a special award. We’ll showcase you some funny short clips, some terrible accidents and some so bad that you will have to laugh!

We can’t feature these on our facebook page, since it doesn’t support this *.gif format of pictures. Some of these are so great and funny that it would be shame not to show it off somewhere.

Be prepared though, this page could load slower and download considerable amount of data!

puZb3K6 This weeks special   videos of truck crashes!

Highway trouble!

18wheeler: “Move boy, I am gonna crash here!”
Notice how this driver reacted great in this situation. Those are some great reflexes!



Pxkx7 This weeks special   videos of truck crashes!

How can they not be drunk?

We are not sure  how this could have happened at such low speeds and with experienced drivers, but still, this guy was really lucky he only got few bruises from fall, compared to some more serious injury.








download This weeks special   videos of truck crashes!

 What did just happen..?

Now in this clip, you can see some serious mayhem! First there is a car collision, than another one and then… Oh, look out!



funny gif truck accident1 This weeks special   videos of truck crashes!

Run for your lives! Run to the hills!

Ever wondered how fast can you run? Put yourself in situation like this and you’ll find out that you can run really, really fast! We kinda feel bad for all those cars, though…




FRowd8g This weeks special   videos of truck crashes!

And for the end, the biggest fail of them all!

This happened somewhere in Germany (would love if someone could confirm where exactly), and it is obvious that driver didn’t secure the trucks properly. Then this catastrophe happened!


So that’s it for this post… What do you say? Please let us know if you liked it and we will post some more next week! This post is kind of different from what we usually do here at NeoTrucks blog, so we would really appreciate your feedback!

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